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Julia Rogers Hamrick

Audio download of Easy World Citizenship Class (originally offered at $144):
Support your new residency in Easy World with a refresher course in what it means to be an Easy World Citizen! Yes, I'm calling this a refresher course because your origins are in Easy World, even if you don't remember it clearly. The amnesia created by your most recent tenure in Difficult World may be keeping you from remembering how to live in the world that Love creates, so this class will make sure you're maximizing your time in Easy World and thus, maximizing your joy!

Audio Download: The Easy World Way to Radiant Health and Ideal Weight

Learn how to easily let go of the health-defeating habits that are taking a toll on your life and naturally embrace the new habits that will create a whole, new radiant you! The best part? There's no will-power involved!

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Marci Shimoff

Happiness, Abundance, and Millions: Beginning Now

Marci Shimoff, author of the best-selling book, Happy for No Reason, 7 Steps to Happiness from the Inside Out, partners with David and Kristin Morelli in their highly acclaimed program Happiness, Abundance, and Millions. This session includes cutting-edge accelerated learning techniques to align your beliefs and actions for prosperity, inner peace and well-being.

Order an mp3 recording of this powerful 90 minute tele-seminar to clear your subconscious blocks to happiness and abundance as your free gift today. You will be sent an email with simple downloading instructions.

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Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks

50% off our comprehensive Relationship Enhancement Program, A Life-Changing Course from The World’s Leading Relationship Experts.

The Relationship Solution is not just another self-help program full of empty promises and feel-good platitudes. Rather, it's a comprehensive multi-part learning experience that reveals everything you need to know to find, create, and maintain a truly joyful relationship.

Please use the discount code “easy” to receive your 50% discount!

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Hay House Gift Package


Experience a wealth of motivational products from Hay House with a gift package that will help you live a deeply fulfilling and inspired life. Some of your favorite Hay House authors share the best of what they have learned about inspiration, motivation, well-being, relationships, wealth and spirituality.

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Joe Vitale

A Dinner with the Divine, provided by Dr. Vitale and Dr. Len
If he can heal mentally ill criminals with this remarkable little-known method, what could YOU do with it? This is an evening with Dr. Len and Dr. Vitale teaching a Hawaiian method of clearing yourself to heal the world. People paid $85 and traveled from all over the country to experience this rare evening in Austin , Texas .
Note: You won't be able to hear the audience ask questions, but you ' ll be able to hear Dr. Len and Dr. Vitale. It ' s a magical experience. Value: $85

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Peggy McColl

The 21 Distinctions of Wealth Checklist, Positive Change Video & Powerful Wealth-Attraction Audio download Free PDF download, Video & Audio.

From the New York Times Best Selling Author of the hard cover book 21 Distinctions of Wealth, Peggy McColl is giving you your checklist for you to track your progress as you are enriching your life with the life-changing affirmations from each of the distinctions. You will also receive a short (yet powerful) video Peggy McColl created for you to play on your computer to give you the 3 step process to attracting more abundance and you will receive an audio download of wealth affirmations.

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Sandy Forster

$375 value One of the world's leading Prosperity Mentors offers you the following powerful bonuses so you can create a life filled with abundance, prosperity, success and happiness while enriching your body, mind and spirit:

Simply enter your name, email and country in the form below and you will have instant access to the 3 powerful bonus prosperity products listed below.

Bonus 1: ($39 value)
Millionaire Mindset Audio Guided Visualisation - listening to this powerful 45 min. audio will move you into a more prosperous vibration and allow you to effortlessly begin to attract more prosperity and success in your life.

Bonus 2: ($297 value)
Millionaire Money Game is an empowering 6 week email course that will expand your prosperity consciousness forever.

Bonus 3: ($39 value)
Affirmations for your Abundance - 40 min audio. Use these powerful affirmations to create the prosperity, riches, abundance and wealth you desire. Yours to listen to as you go about your day, or as you drift off to sleep and imbed them deep within your powerful subconscious mind.

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Sonia Choquette

Sonia is passionate, dynamic, powerful, and direct in her ability to instantly liberate people from the limitations and fears (a five-sensory life) and leads them to create a far  more effective, spirit guided (six sensory) successful life which she insists is “our natural way.” No-nonsense, to-the point, practical, down–to–earth, and often hilarious in her delivery, Sonia’s intuitive gifts and engaging Spirit inspire even the most cynical. There is no doubt about it; to meet Sonia in person is to change your life.A third generation intuitive and prolific writer, her books have sold over a million copies worldwide including her NY Times Bestseller The Answer Is Simple.... Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit.

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Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra Anne Taylor is the New York Times Best selling author of Truth, Triumph and Transformation, Quantum Success, Secrets of Attraction, Secrets of Success and 28 Days to a More Magnetic Life.  Sandra is an inspiring and motivating speaker who lectures throughout the world on the power of consciousness and energetic attraction. Her work is receiving international acclaim for its enlightening approach to the field of attraction and achievement.

Listen to Sandra Hay House Radio show “Living Your Quantum Success” live on Monday’s at  10 am PST; 1 pm EST.

Two Wonderful Ways to Learn How to Achieve Success
For your free Secrets of Success excerpt AND for your free Audio Gift excerpt from her Attracting Success CD, go to and register on the home page. 

Laura West

Laura West, success coach for women entrepreneurs, is an author, speaker and Founder of the Center for Joyful Business. Passionate about helping women create a successful lifestyle businesses filled with creative spirit, world-changing work, and financial success, Laura'programs, products and events help women step into their radiant power in their businesses and promote themselves with authenticity and grace.

You are going to be much more successful in packaging products and services for clients that match YOUR unique gifts. The My Gifts mindmap worksheet is one small piece of Laura West's popular Joyful Business Guide ™ - a creative marketing plan for your business that uses Law of Attraction marketing principles. Sign up to get your free worksheet to help you pinpoint exactly where your gifts lie - the first Easy World path to designing packages and programs that are in total alignment with who you are!

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Anne Merkel, Ph.D. – The Corporate Alchemist

Seasoned Energy Therapist, EFT Expert, Corporate Coach Alchemist

Your Transformation Package: Dr. Anne Merkel’s e-book Flowing Forward: Transforming Your Life from the Inside-Out provides step-by-step guidance to transforming your life or business. You will also receive a potent complimentary coaching session with Dr. Merkel, using EFT and cutting-edge Energy Therapy techniques! People world-wide are raving about this package!

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Eldon Taylor

Free book excerpt download and free audio download

The New York Times best-selling book, Choices and Illusions holds an important key. Whether you are interested in the science of thinking and beliefs, how your own mind works, how others control your thoughts, why things just don't work out in your life, how you can create the life you have always wanted, how you can realize your true potential, how you can find peace, or on a grander scale, how you can help make the world a better place, Choices and Illusions provides insights for all. Eldon Taylor's approach is scientific and pragmatic, and his conclusions are inspirational and soul enhancing. Enjoy a free book excerpt and a special bonus gift, a free MP3 "High Self Esteem," which utilizes the patented and proven InnerTalk technology.

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Amy Flynn

Amy Flynn, Channeler of Energy and Wisdom, Healer

Free Money Reiki Healing to balance and align your energy with that of money energy.  You will move from stuckness and struggle to flow and ease in allowing money in your life!  Plus you will also receive a subscription to inspirational weekly Energy Currents Ezine and a bonus guided meditation process called the Joy Process (as downloadable PDF and mp3).

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Auriella O'Neill

The 7 Essential Spiritual Insights for Manifesting ebook

Auriella's passion and gift is teaching and guiding people in discovering and bringing forth their own inner spiritual empowerment which leads to their self empowerment and more manifesting success as is evidenced by the 97% success rate of her clientele. She is the dynamic teacher and coach of The Path To Inner Empowerment, has taught her Create and Empower Your Life workshop internationally, and is the host of her international radio show – The Auriella Show. More than just chit chat, The Auriella Show provides empowering insights from leading global teachers.

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Awaken Your Space

Awaken Your Space

3 gifts for Feng Shui and Intention
(1) Feng Shui Green Living (mp3) Learn how the items in your home are detrimental to your health. $5 Value
(2) Intro to Feng Shui (mp3) Discusses the key three elements of a space for a more harmonious environment. $15 Value
(3) Live Your Intention Series 1 - Free mini book. $2.95 Value"

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Barbara Semple

“How I Met My Spiritual Double” Mp3 Audio
Self-healing activist and best selling author of Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul, Barbara J. Semple shares meeting her absolute perfect health energetic double. Learn ancient wisdom that says every person has one, whatever your state of health or fitness. In this compelling and humorous audio, discover 3 keys to meeting your Spiritual Double. Open a door to your personal connection.
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Barry Maher

Free Chapter

A free chapter of Filling the Glass by Barry Maher, a book that was honored as "[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books" by Today's Librarian magazine. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.

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Brian J. Donley

DONLEY’S LAW– IDEAS TO REALITY "The necessary action steps used to take your ideas and make them real. Proven methods implemented over the last 25 years, on thousands of ideas. Brian J. Donley, Author of “The Original Psychology of Success” – Proven Methods to Attain a Positive, Powerful Winning Personality:

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Chaney Weiner

Wealth Mastery Success Mini Course and Coaching Call ($79 value)

In the Wealth Mastery Success 5 lesson mini course and coaching call you'll learn:

*The 2 main things that keep you stuck from attracting what you want
*One of the most important factors involved in attracting what you want that is rarely discussed
*The tricks your mind uses to keep you stuck
*How some of your self-talk is keeping you stuck
*How long it really takes to attract what you want into your life

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Dawn Allen

Love & Law of Attraction Coaching

Dawn is offering her Exclusive “5 Secrets to Love” E-Book and a transformational "Find Your Soul Mate" Private Coaching Session ($300 value) where you'll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with men and dating, and leave the session inspired to find and keep a great man once and for all.

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Debbie Rivera

Relationship Coach and Intimacy Expert
How committed are you to improving your relationship? Here is the next step to the secrets that everyone needs for a happy relationship.

Download your free e-book "7 Secrets To Keeping Love Alive in Your Relationship" now. Start right away to bridge the distance and create real intimacy in your relationship.

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Donald Gordon Carty

3 Free eBooks, dozens of Free Success and Inspirational Mp3 Downloads, A Free Personality Profile and much, much more.

Description of Bonuses and Gifts:
Donald Gordon Carty is offering these 5 plus Free Gifts:

(1) “A World of Wisdom” - Quotations for Enlightenment ebook,

(2) “Achieve Your Goals” – The Complete Goal Management System ebook,

(3) and “The Reality of the Unseen” ebook.

(4) Dozens of free Mp3 Success and Inspirational Audio download (including the acclaimed "Beyond Belief" teleclass).

(5) A free Personality Profile and much, much more.

Value of Bonuses and Gifts: $497 USD

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Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Free Joy Toolkit for Uncertain Times.

You've seen "The Joy Coach" on "The Today Show," CNN & NPR. Doris Helge, Ph.D., author of best-sellers "Joy on the Job" & "Transforming Pain Into Power" has taught thousands of people just like you to claim more joy. Claim YOUR happiness with this special package of ebooks, mp3s, & meditations.

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Eileen Bodoh & Katherine Scherer

Books on gratitude "GRATITUDE WORKS JOURNAL" (Ebook)

A Gratitude Journal for writing five things a day you are grateful for. Each page begins with "Today, I am so grateful for." Journaling has a positive effect on our mental, physical and spiritual well-being, and is a process everyone can use over and over again."

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Estra Roell

America's Life Purpose Coach "I Have Value Meditation"

This is a wonderful meditation for getting in touch with your Higher Self and tuning in to your value as a person. If you have been having issues with confidence or making yourself small, this meditation will focus you on your true worth and leave you feeling expanded!"

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Eva Gregory

Wake Up to the Dream Now

12 WEEK E-Course, valued at $695!!!

Now you can join thousands of others who have taken the steps toward creating more success in their lives.

How committed are you to making your dreams a reality today? What would it be worth to you to be on your way to actualizing your dreams within the next 90 days?

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Expert Author Publishing

Discover The Secret To Writing, Publishing & Making Money With Your Book In Less Time. A $97.00 value!

You will easily become a published author regardless of how many excuses you may think you have now that keep you from your goal of being a published author.

You will have 5 different step by step methods that you can use to get your book completed and published.

Each method is tailored to your individual competence level as a soon to be published author.

If you were like me years ago where you just don’t know where or how to get started I have the perfect system for you to effortlessly finish your book."

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Explore Your Spirit With Kala

Explore Your Spirit with Kala and enjoy the Spirit of Hawaii  

"It's time to connect with the loving Spirit of Hawaii, the secrets of the islands are meant to be shared... Sign up for the FREE Explore Your Spirit with Kala Newsletter and receive a FREE mp3 download of Kala's Guided Meditation - Spirit of Hawaii.

There are sacred areas which enhance our intuitive abilities and allow us to connect deeper with the Earth and our soul.  The islands of Hawaii circulate this loving energy giving birth to new ideas and creativity.  Explore the islands in this gentle meditation."

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Gale Lennard

How to be happy in midlife - A must have guide for women over 40

E-book - 25 Ways to be Happy Right Now. This is a must have guide to help women remember how to be happy as they get older. These simple and important 25 life lessons are meant to help women transition easily and happily into midlife.

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Gina Mollicone-Long

Think or Sink

This is a powerful 3-part recording that shows you how be powerful in any situation so that your circumstances don’t have any power over you. Part 1 reframes challenging circumstances as opportunities for growth and evolution. Part 2 illustrates your power to choose your response in any situation. Part 3 gives you the number one choice that you must make when shifting your response to any situation.

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Gitie and Ron House

If you love birds and want to change the environment around you will love this gift.

From A Wild Bird's Heart Gift Package includes:

* 23 Amazing Facts About Wild Bird Culture -
(with true stories );

*Five Keys to Friendship with Wild Birds - A Quick Start Guide

*Special Editions of Wild Bird Talking ezine.

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Hasmark Services

Ten Invaluable Tips to Help You Promote and Sell Your Book
Writing a book is a huge investment of time and energy but your efforts can’t stop there. In order for your work to reach its fullest potential you need a marketing strategy that will get it out to the masses. The marketing experts at Hasmark Services have put together a free report to help you do just that.

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Jack Hatfield

You have everything you need to succeed inside you BEFORE you were born.  Free chapter from my book Audio download on "How to think for Success" Free 30-day trial to mentoring site.  

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Jackie Lapin

Conscious Creator

This one hour teleclass recording….is the first step in helping you come into your own as a Conscious Creator of prosperity and wealth-- allowing you to leave behind your days of struggle and financial pain.
You’ll learn to:
• Design your life to Consciously Create daily wealth and abundance.
• Discover the simple keys for raising your personal frequency that will allow you to tune into the vast untapped wealth that is waiting for you.
• Eliminate the internal blocks keeping you from enjoying the money and wealth that is your birthright.
• Unleash your own personal power and energy to become a powerful magnet that quickly manifests the prosperity and comfort that you desire!
• Learn how to construct a compelling vision that will fill your bank account, provide financial security and enable your personal freedom.

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Jeanna Gabellini

The Art of Practice Ebook- An interview by Jeanna Gabellini with Lance Giroux. Retail $19.95

Accomplish new long-term results by becoming aware of your current practices. How did they get you where you are now? Use this program to effectively interrupt the practices that distract you from the progress you desire. Those who have mastered their field understand this and repetitively act on this important lesson. Find out what practices will serve you best!

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Jim Moeller

Free Downloads!

Since 1985 Serenity has been creating music, guided imagery, and written word in support of relaxation and healing. Yours free: A download of several Serenity songs, ebook of A Journey of Reflections (by Serenity founder, Jim Moeller) and a guided imagery entitled Daily Focus (by Serenity artist Max Highstein).

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Dr. Joe Rubino

Create Soaring Self Esteem

FREE GIFTS: 7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio and Success Club Membership from Dr. Joe Rubino, & creator of “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Success and Happiness.”

Download your FREE gifts and create soaring self-esteem, abundance, happiness, and your dream life. ($129 Value…Yours Free!)

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Larry Crane

Exclusive Free Interview with Larry Crane shows you conquer limitations with ease

Simple 2-step process of releasing all limitations to having success and abundance in your life... What will happen after you listen to this free interview and guided process on releasing limitations?

Easy: You will naturally (without struggle) enter into a blissful state of peace and automatically start receiving more abundance and positive experiences in all areas of your life.

As an added bonus you will also receive a never-before-offered $82 discount on Larry's complete Abundance Course Program.

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Lauren Mackler

Enter to win a coaching session with Lauren Mackler and download three chapters of Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life for free! Lauren’s international best-seller, Solemate, provides a groundbreaking roadmap to self-mastery, and a greater sense of wholeness and well-being alone or in a relationship.

Click here to order your copy toay!

Click below to win and to download 3 Solemate chapters!

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Lexie Moon

Amp Up Your Thin Vibe with FREE Meditation

Releasing and Reshaping to Your Ideal Body Daily Meditation

Get your free meditation now. Use this "Releasing and Reshaping to Your Ideal Body" meditation every day to:

* Amp Up Your Thin Vibe With Lightening Speed
* Make deep lasting changes on an energetic level
* Feel Sexy in your body now
* Make actual physical changes to your body

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Linda Cassell

Executive Coaching "Quantum Leap Coaching & Training"

Executive Tool Kit with Strategy Session from certified executive coach Linda Cassell
• A 45 minute complimentary “Jump Start Your Career” Strategy Session with Linda (a $250 value)
• Download the Executive tool kit filled with latest tips on effective interviewing techniques, writing effective resumes, best job search websites, and more!

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Lisa Bloom

Story Coach - Your Story Is Your Success!

Lisa is offering her E-Book “5 Savvy Success Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs” and a transformational “Business Breakthrough” Story Coaching Session ($300 value) where you’ll uncover the challenges that are jeopardizing your business success, and leave the session re-energized to make your business highly profitable and your lifestyle balanced and joyful.

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Lissa Coffey

From Lifestyle Designer and Relationship Expert Lissa Coffey: “The Chakra Chart” lists each of the seven major chakras, their associated mantras, colors, musical notes and more! Deepak Chopra says: “Your heart will thank you for Lissa’s helpful and heartful vision.”

Visit Lissa’s site at:

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Loren Fogelman

Easily Reach Your Goals

How often have you tried to change an old habit and eventually went back to it? When you focus on the negative, the energy flow in your body reverses.

Gain the secret to success. It is at your finger tips. Correct the energy and experience success with reaching your goals.

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Lori Snyder

Secrets of Confidence Six week e-course

Transition and Relationship expert Lori Snyder will teach you clear and powerful strategies to help empower you towards discovering and creating a life that you love. This six week e-course will give you the tools needed to begin moving your life in the direction of success.

As an added bonus, also enjoy a complementary 45 minute coaching session with Lori. Book it on her website.

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Michelle Casto

Global Awakener, Mentor for Your Soul

Step into the Spotlight Success Kit which includes How To Handle 7 Common Blocks To Your Business Success podcast, + your powerful personal assessment How Much Do You Shine Online?

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Growing You, Increasing Your Wealth We want to offer you something with REAL VALUE so we are offering 30% discount (yes you read that right!) on all our Money-Magnets.Net products and services. We realise that for some people times are hard but that doesn’t have to be you. Allow yourself to be wealthy and let us show you the way.

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Rich German

Sunrise Energize

Start your day with a powerful morning routine! The Sunrise Energize is a multimedia program which includes everything you need to create your own morning routine. It is designed to give you more energy throughout the day.

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Dr. Ron Dalrymple


Created by one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th and 21st Centuries, “The Secret to Miracles: Quantum Field Psychology Made Simple” (2009) is put in terms for everyone to understand. It reveals the most explosive secrets of psychology yet discovered while integrating all previous theories of psychology with quantum physics and Eastern and Western philosophies. It is awesome, filled with powerful concepts that are easy to get and apply immediately, to begin to change your life.

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Rozlyn Warren

It Really Is Your Choice...Easy or Hard!

As I play with the Laws of the Universe I have found there is a One Word Question I can ask that will pinpoint any resistance to my good! Get this One Word Question as my gift to other Easy World seekers. Enjoy!

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Sheevaun Moran

Overcome the 7 Energies that Zap Your Life

Learn to release or clear the primary energy zappers of your life in this eBook. Energetic Solutions has taught over 10,000 individuals sharing powerful ancient energy healing techniques. Rid your life of poverty consciousness, depression, negative psychic energies etc.

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Sheri Kaye Hoff

Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummt

Your FREE bonus from Coach Sheri is the mp3 recordings of the Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit. The recordings consist of five hours of Coach Sheri as she conducts coaching and lifestyle interviews with experts in their field. Get inspired today. Value of over $400

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Stephen Seretan

KISS Releasing Sedona Method

Mp3 of Lester Levenson and a free book, KISS Releasing Mini Course.

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Terri Amos-Britt

“Release Anger, Frustration & Blame” Meditation Download.

PLUS, excerpt from The Enlightened Mom.

Mom, are you ready to be playful again? Are you ready to shift from feeling frustrated, stressed, and angry and instead fill your home with laughter, warmth and joy? Terri Amos-Britt founder of, a global community of moms committed to creating lives of peace, joy and abundance, has created a simple way for you to let go of what you don’t want, and open up to what you do. Click here for your gift!

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Tom Marcoux

America's Communication Coach helps You Be Heard and Be Trusted title: "Truth No One Will Tell You: Secrets to Empower Yourself during Economic Uncertainty"

Tom Marcoux, America’s Communication Coach, has authored books
impacting people in 15 countries. As the ""Personal Branding
Instructor"" (SF Examiner) and award-winning speaker, Tom coaches
people to success through job interviewing, public speaking, media
relations, branding. Winner of special award at Emmys, Tom
addresses professionals (IBM, Sun Microsystems, Stanford University).

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Tracy Lee Nash


Receive a 15 minute intuitive session for $15.00 (reg. $75.00).
To receive your bonus gift visit,
click on Contact T.L. and place Hamrick Promo in the subject line.

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Warren Whitlock

Successful Promotion Online

The universal law that will always bring you what you desire How to build a fan base that anxiously waits for you to communicate with them.. and how to do it for little or now cost! Turn your web site into a magnet for subscribers, leads and clients

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Zahra Efan Coaching Services

Abundance in Business Coach for Women

'Abundance in Business,' is an E-book for creative, heart centered female entrepreneurs such as coaches, artists, healers, writers, filmmakers, designers and others that covers everything they need to know to create Abundance in their Business and life. In looking for where we already have abundance flowing in our life, we create space for more abundance to flow into our lives and businesses.

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Brenda MacIntyre 

FREE mini-course for clearing your sacred path to prosperity, 6 FREE healing audios, PLUS BONUS MP3 of "Crystal Clear" from Brenda MacIntyre's latest album Medicine Song, which was nominated for a 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award.

Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre is a spiritual mentor, business coach, healer and Juno Award-winning recording artist (Canadian Grammies) who has shared the stage with best-selling authors Gregg Braden, Dr. Emoto and Shakti Gawain. Brenda helps women healers, spiritual mentors and life coaches who are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, to find their voice, maximize their time and make more money, so they can create a bigger impact in the world and enjoy their lives. "Crystal Clear" transforms the water within you, and Brenda’s mini-course will show you the 7 Secret Steps to Your Sacred Pathway to Prosperity.

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Daily OM- Scott Blum

Download the first three chapters of Waiting for Autumn, the new book from bestselling author and DailyOM co-founder Scott Blum.  In the tradition of the bestseller Eat, Pray, Love and spiritual classics such as The Alchemist, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and The Celestine Prophecy, Waiting for Autumn is an enchanting semiautobiographical parable that reveals a deep and powerful message.  This metaphysical page-turner is a fascinating exploration of one humble soul's profound awakening--with a surprise ending that will warm your heart.

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Gail Goodwin

FREE AUDIO! Be inspired by 7 amazing Inspirational Luminaries as they share their stories and life secrets with you, including tips for creating abundance, improving your business, health and relationships. Brought to you by for the best in free daily inspiration!

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Julie Ann Turner

Seize your STAR POWER! Webinar
Discover the singular greatness that sets your purpose and profits apart. Discover how to unleash your singular GREATNESS and shift to your next level of PURPOSE, PROFITABILITY and POTENTIAL- in your life, work, and your ultimate life contribution...your LEGACY.

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Kaushal Aras          

The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love: A Blueprint for World Peace

Kaushal Aras’ book is designed to inspire “ordinary people” to take an active role in bringing more peace, more healing, and more holism to their daily life experiences.  The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love consists of prose, stories and powerful quotes which offer readers practical guidelines towards cultivating the most honest, selfless love in their relationships. The core of the book explores seven different ways in which we relate to others with “extraordinary love.”

Mary Allen

YOUR FREE GIFTS from Life Coach Mary: 12 Week E-Course Living in Choice, a comprehensive "success and inner peace" coaching program.    $199 Value!

Plus, you'll receive access to two interviews with best-selling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer and Byron Katie (learn the power of “Inquiry”), from Mary Allen’s Conversations with the Masters Series.

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Nan Akasha , CHT

Wealth Esteem Coach, Author, Speaker, Healer

Magnetic Manifestation Audio Class

In this 75+ minute audio class, I open the door for you to enter the magnetic manifestation zone. Using your energy consciously for attracting, receiving and keeping what you desire. You are magnetic already, you can pump up that volume of your inner magnet and you can tune it to what you prefer to attract.  VALUE: $47

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Sierra Goodman

Weight Loss & Self Worth with the Law of Attraction            

As a special gift, Sierra is offering you the ability to hear the first five minutes of her Becoming Thin Guided Visualization which is a process for you to BECOME the healthy, thin, abundant, joyful person you desire to be.   Visualization is the most powerful and effective way to lose weight, as you get your body to start working for you instead of against you.            

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Unifying Fields Foundation Lisa and Cynthia         

Unifying the Fields of Existence            

One on one phone or email support at reduced fee (normally $80-$125 hr) special for $25 first half hour. 
Cynthia on aligning the mind to allow for peace.
Lisa focus on body release of trauma and stress.

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Kim Turcotte

Business Strategy for Passion Driven Business Owners

Kim Turcotte, professional business strategist and certified life coach uses her 20+ years in the corporate arena as an operations manager and systems expert to quickly identify potential growth areas in your spirit centered, soul-based business. By combining solid business strategies and intuitive, holistic concepts, Kim teaches small business owners like you to build a solid foundation so your business can thrive!

What if I told you there's NO such thing as competition, and that you can attract ALL the clients you need by simply Honoring Your Inner Expert would you believe me? Download my FREE workbook "Honoring Your Inner Expert" to discover exactly who your Inner Expert is and why its so important to let her unique wisdom and knowledge shine!

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Joseph Ghabi

Numerology Special

Joseph Ghabi is an author, lecturer, and healer. Joseph provides Intuitive Numerology Consultations, Healing Childhood Experiences Consultations and is a PhD Candidate living in Vancouver, Canada.
At the age of eight, Joseph discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium. Joseph started the ‘Free Spirit Centre’ website at
Joseph’s new book titled ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul’ was released in January, 2010.

Joseph Ghabi of the Free Spirit Centre will provide you with a very special offer!
Buy Your Numerology Chart today for 50% off the regular price and get my book 'The Blueprint of Your Soul' for FREE. A saving of $120!

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Elizabeth Grant

Are you tired of struggling or do you find your happiness fluctuates day to day based on the external conditions in your life? Listen as Elizabeth Grant, “The Quantum Coach,” shares her 6 Phases to effortless living and true joy in a powerful teleseminar.

She’s even picking up your $47 tuition! Get instant access below.

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Dr. Ronald Alexander

Free Teleseminar Downloads: Transform Any Challenge into Greater Awareness with Dr. Ronald Alexander

Learn how you can create new possibilities in your LIFE! First learn how to embrace your resistance to making a change and then discover how to access your core creativity by downloading two FREE teleseminars. Based on his widely acclaimed book, Wise Mind, Open Mind, pioneering psychotherapist Ronald Alexander, PhD ( integrates mindfulness meditation, with leading-edge positive psychology to help readers transform any challenge into life changing opportunities.

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Anisa Aven

Anisa's willingness to be authentic and transparent as she shares her personal journey and formula for success has garnered legions of loyal fans.  

No matter how many books you've read on personal growth; No matter how many audios you've listened to on achieving your dreams;

No matter how many courses, teachers, coaches, gurus and psychics you've paid to help you realize your goals; If you aren't using the ©Vibration Elevation Formulas then you're taking the long road to personal and professional fulfillment.

Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction.

Stacy Stehle

Ocean Energy Weight Issue Coaching

Receive a recording of the top 3 ways you could be sabotaging your weight loss and tools to help you with those challenges that you can use right now. As an added bonus, you will receive tips on how to create your healthy day!

Stacy Stehle is an Ocean Energy and Wellness Coach who brings her passion of the ocean and the marine life to her clients. Through this unique process she is able to work with clients to help them break free from their weight issues once and for all.

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Káren Wallace

From Stress to Serenity: One Step at a Time

Káren Wallace is the driving force behind The Calm Space - an online magazine that's like a virtual day-spa for your senses... decadent, informative, relaxing. Written by a team of amazing women, with focus on moving out of stress and chaos and towards a happier, calmer life. Positive. Real. Enticing.

Free! Exclusive audio reading of not-yet-released ebook for women: "How to Find the Pause Button for Your Life: Using Your Senses to get Back in Touch with Your Self and Your Life." Six simple lessons to reduce stress & reconnect with what makes you happy.

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Summer McStravick

Enjoy this free hourlong radio podcast that teaches you how to Flowdream and bring new things into your life. Learn to "weave the energies" of life itself and allow all the best things in life to come to you.

Manifesting practitioners use a real, simple technique called Flowdreaming to achieve amazing results. In your Flow, life easily opens to you, as you insert your goals and desires into this river of energy and watch them manifest in your life. Enjoy this free mp3 radio program, or visit, or Flowdreaming on Facebook.

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Donna Michael

Composer/Recording Artist, Forgiveness Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Counselor

Free Music Download--This Feels Like Heaven

Want to be musically reminded of your potential to live a limitless life?

Enjoy a beautifully inspiring FREE music download from internationally known composer/recording artist Donna Michael. Donna’s music is widely used for healing, to inspire creativity, and to celebrate unity and love.

Donna Michael is an internationally-known recording artist and a highly regarded motivational speaker, visionary leader and teacher who unites music and the healing arts in her speaking and music ministry. Her “food for the soul” and “wondrously healing” music and messages touch audiences and listeners in profoundly transformative ways.

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Harlan Kilstein

Harlan Kilstein's River of Life is a multi-track hypnosis session for dealing with negative people in your life. You'll discover how to draw upon the River of Light and bring positive energy into your life whenever you need it.

Dr. Harlan Kilstein is a master hypnotist helping people all over their world achieve the goals by combining hypnosis with the Law of Attraction. Dr. Kilstein's hypnosis features multiple track sessions which appeal to right and left brains to bypass conscious resistance.

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Misa Hopkins

Connect Yourself to Your Secret Healing Power

Traditional and alternative medicines and methods haven’t eliminated your chronic pain? My clients and I HAVE healed ourselves from minor AND major conditions. You can too, with the “Road to Health: Self-Healing System.” Put these principles -- that have helped hundreds of people -- to work for YOU.

Misa, best-selling author of “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything,” has a long-standing background in healing, inspired in part by conditions she once suffered. Some of the healing experiences she encountered along the way are miraculous. Now, you can use them to empower your own healing.

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Mark Harrison

30 Days to Change Your Life, FREE eCourse

Harness the power of your thoughts and emotions and experience effortless abundance with this 30 day eCourse.

If you’re struggling to experience the life you want to live, you can use exceptionally powerful, proven principles to change everything, faster than you ever thought possible.

This free eCourse course lays out for you, step by step, how to dramatically change your life for the better… in only 30-days. 

Mark Harrison is a freelance writer and educator. He writes for a number of self-improvement websites and is the author of several books. His writing covers a wide range of self-improvement topics, but especially focuses on increasing productivity while reducing workload, and managing change.

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